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Derbyshire Dales Local Plan Examination

Andrew Towlerton represented the Parish Council at the Public Inquiry on the Local Plan to challenge the rationale for the settlement hierarchy in line with the representations the Parish Council submitted.  For information his update report is given below.

Andrew will also be helping us manage the comments from the consultation on the NP.


‘The two main issues for us were

Statement from Brailsford & Ednaston Parish Council by Pat Laughlin, Chairman

Session 14 Thursday 18 May: Matters 10-11: Allocations and Settlement Boundaries - Rural Parishes

‘The session today is focused on RURAL PARISHES.

I am representing Brailsford & Ednaston Parish Council – therefore considered to be a Rural Parish.

A Parish Council exists to represent its residents.  On the basis of representations made by these residents, a core value adopted by the Parish Council is the maintenance of a SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY and its expected QUALITY OF LIFE – thus the maintenance of  a rural village in a rural setting.

Sustainable Communities are maintained by SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT – recognised to be the balance of economic activity, the protection and enhancement of the environment and the existence of a robust social infrastructure. . . . . .    -   read more